The energy is the significant source of power to run the economy. In order to power up the electricity, drive a vehicle, and to make plastic products, we require the use of crude oils.

Approximately half of the total oil reserves are explored in the middle east. To acquire crude oil, countries without oil reserves will trade energies over the financial market.

The Benefits of Trading Energies

  • Transparency

    Unlike forex trading, crude oil trading can be related to the physical market. Investors may prefer energies as they make stronger connections between the price movement and the geopolitical events around the globe.

Trading Energies with Eone FX

  • On our MT5 trading platform, clients can trade crude oils with up to 10,000 ticket size.
CFDs Energies / CFDs Energien
Instruments / Instrumente Name Max. Ticket Size/ Max. Handelsgröße Trading Session / Handelszeiten
UKOIL.c Crude Oil Brent Cash 10,000 Mon. 03:00 – Fri. 00:00
WTI_OIL West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil cash 10,000 Mon. 01:00 – Fri. 00:00
Server Time

Eone FX MT5 Server Time, which is GMT +2 in the winter, and GMT +3 in the summer.

Session Break

Session break times for all energies (apart from UKOIL.c, which is daily at 00:00 to 03:00) are daily at 00:00 to 01:00.

Minimum Ticket Size

The minimum ticket size is in lots on all CFD energies is 1.

Trading Steps

The trading steps are in lots, and are 1.

Contract Size

The contract size on all the Energies is 1 index point.


The currency used is USD.

Margin for Contract in % of the Contract Value

The margin for all energies is 2.00%.

Margin Call

The margin call is 200%.


The stop-out (or liquidation MT5 margin level) is 100%.