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FIX (Financial Information Exchange) API (application programming interface) is an electronic communication protocol that allows to transfer financial information and transmit the data in quick and accurate manner.

FIX API is the standard communication method that is widely used in the market to perform any trading or financial operation around the globe. It is used by the majority of forex market participants, such as brokers, banks, liquidity providers, institutional traders, etc.

In forex, FIX API helps to stream pricing data from the broker to the client and to stream the trade orders from the client to the broker.

The Benefits of using FIX API accounts with Eone FX:

  • Lower Execution Time

    For those who trade frequently, especially with EAs, FIX API can transmit high volume financial data within the shortest time period.

  • Multi-Channel

    Traders can have the access to multiple brokerages simultaneously while using a single application or interface.

  • Flexibility

    For those who prefer to use their customized tools can still have the access to the firm’s liquidity pool without the use of our trading platform.

  • Privacy

    FIX API allows traders to run their automated trading algorithms on their computer without exposing their strategies to the counter-parties.